Michael Joyal — 365 Days — February 19, 2011

Featured Artist — Winter 2011

Michael Joyal — Before I Sleep. . .

Michael Joyal — 365 Days — February 19, 2011
365 days of work — after work — one sketch every day for a whole year.

That year of constant drawing is over now, but I’ve been told that Michael’s still working very diligently on the project, as each one of those sketches will be carefully matted, then mounted onto large boards depicting the progression of the project, month-by-month.

Michael spent the entire last year documenting an astonishing range of images inside his head, onto the pages of several 4 x 6 sketchpads — using graphite, watercolour, acrylic, inks, and whatever else he found in his pockets it seems. The results are nothing short of charming, with images depicting everything from apocalyptic mayhem, to casual portraits, to humorous takes on everyday experience. My favourites are the animals, which are well drawn in a loose informal style that gives each subject a unique personality.

Sneak Preview

The showing is scheduled at the cre8ery gallery, with an opening reception on Friday February 10, 2012, from 7 – 11 pm.

Sit back and enjoy the slideshow — and contact Michael for pre-buys when you see the drawing you want to add to your collection!

Check out the Free Press video interview with Michael.

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